AMR 9.2 new gear

I was trying to see if I could find an answer to this question, but could not see one. Would it be correct to say that AMR has not been updated yet with the new gear in 9.2?

We have updated the site with all of the new gear – I should make an announcement for that.

Hmm, well none of the new gear I am getting in the new zone shows up when I try and find it doing a gear check. When the filter window comes up and I type in the armor piece, it cannot find it. For example, for my rogue it cannot find Buzzing Predator’s Legs.

If you use Best in Bags, it will have all of the gear that you own.

We don’t add every quest reward to the searchable list of items when you click on a slot in e.g. Best in Slot. We have added the 246 Zereth Mortis gear that you can purchase, and there is an Upgrade Finder search for that gear as well.

Ah ok, thanks for replying and answering this for me. :smile:

so gear check doesn’t have all the zereth mortis gear, but does it rank it correctly? got a 246 trinket ranked veeeery low :frowning:

If you post a snapshot and let me know which trinket, we can take a closer look. Instructions on how to do that here:

trinket is: “Broker’s lucky coin(236)” which I have equipped over “Macabre Sheet Music”(213), I think it applies to other trinkets as well since they are not present in the gear check

For some reason I’m not even seeing that item in the list of available trinkets on that character, even though it is equipped… could you try the steps in the following post to see if maybe your data got out of sync:

I was wondering if there was a way for amr to tell me which coin item would be best upgrade like it does with the vault items??