Blood Stained Gloves show on back

I have read this post and still have a question.

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My question is: When I click best in bag, my Bloodstained Shroud shows as Bloodstained Doomblade gloves. When I click best in bag it makes me put my “cloak” on my hands. I assume because it does not know I have a cloak, it thinks they are hands? I have to lock them to my back and click find best in bag before it stays on the back. Confusing I know.

This type of issue is almost always resolved by doing the following:

Let me know if that doesn’t work. If not, create a snapshot as per the instructions in the following post and we can look further:

It is still showing gloves. And from the drop down it does not even list the Blookstained Shroud.


Sorry forgot to do this part.

Right now it thinks you have two of that legendary – do you have both a cloak and a glove with that legendary power?

Looking at the raw game data extracted from the WoW client, it seems there was an error in Blizzard’s name/display data for that item, such that it always shows “gloves” in the name regardless of the slot. My guess is that they hotfixed this, and when we get new data after tomorrow’s maintenance it should show up with the correct name.