Dragonflight Season 4 Updates

Sometime today we will update the site for Dragonflight Season 4.

Awakened Raids

All raid gear has been updated to the item levels it will drop in Awakened raids.

New Tier Sets (Tier 32)

A new set of tier items are available – they can be obtained via tokens that drop in the raids, the catalyst, etc. Note that these new set items have the same name as the transmog that was voted on. Then Blizzard modified the set bonuses to be those voted by the community.

Best in Slot has a new option called Tier 32 Set Level that you can use to choose which tier set level to include in the optimization.

The Upgrade Finder has a new search specifically for tier sets.

The reason for these changes is that they come from so many sources that it doesn’t work that well to include them under the others options or searches.

Antique Bronze Bullion

There is a new Upgrade Finder search showing what you can purchase with this new currency – mainly weapons, trinkets, and rare drops from all three raids. They have their own upgrade track (most items having 12 upgrade levels, the very rare drops off the end bosses have 14).


Blizzard has tweaked the item level and difficulty scaling. The site has been updated to reflect this. The new dungeon rotation is in place as well (all eight Dragonflight dungeons).


There are new item levels of crafted gear.


We can’t really test this before it goes live, but we have taken a guess at what will be valid source items for the catalyst. Please let us know if you obtain an item that you can use in the catalyst but the website is not allowing it in the catalyst Upgrade Finder search.

That is really nice, however i play in EU and the patch hasn’t been applied here yet so how can i fine tune my items before the patch hits EU?

Season 4 should be live tomorrow in the EU, so I’d say don’t worry about optimizing your gear for just one more day of season 3.

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I am seeing some new gear but the Upgrade Finder with Flightstons/Crests is not showing up any Season 4 gear or recommendations.

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Could you post a snapshot where this is happening? And give a couple of examples of items that you own that should be upgradeable but are not? Instructions on how to make a snapshot are in this post:

Season 4 items are showing up as not upgradeable and Upgrade Finder is trying to upgrade season 3 items.

See my previous post – could you provide a snapshot of your setup for testing?

I am having the same issue.

Showing the gear that should be upgradable that is not loading


Having the same problem. The upgrade finder only shows season 3 items and some of them are showing upgrade level of 8/6 for S3 Hero gear.

In the attached picture I’m wearing 3 new pieces of veteran gear:

  • Cobalt Watcher’s Shoulderpads
  • Cobalt Watcher’s Cuffs
  • Breath of the Plains (trinket)

Let me know if you need any more info.

@tavaran Which items in that second snapshot should be upgradeable? The Wyrmforged Legguards?

@stimsong if you could provide a snapshot I can use your case for testing, see my post 5 posts up with the link to the “help” feature for how to do that – basically just click the “help” link next to Best in Bags in your screenshot and copy the 32-digit ID here.



this item at elast should be upgradable

Thanks – I see the issue and I’m working on a fix for it, should have it in a couple hours. It is always a bit tricky to get this working before we see a few examples of real item drops – Blizzard likes to mess around with the bonus IDs right up to patch day.

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I just posted an update that should resolve the issue with season 4 upgradeable items.

You will need to update your gear from the in-game addon for the upgrade levels and consequently the flightstone/crest upgrade finder search to work properly.

You do not need to update your in-game addon. We were able to fix this entirely on the server side. Let us know if you still run into any issues, but all the examples posted here seemed to work properly.

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Just read the post that you fixed it and now it seems fine. I’ll leave this here in case you want to use it ID


Here’s the ID :slight_smile:

The suffused greatsword, the arctic warden’s greatsword, the neltharic greatsword and suffused sword are all season 4. The gnarlroot’s bonecrusher is season 3 and can no longer be upgraded, but it shows it as being upgradable.

I just re-ran it and now it says I have no items eligible for upgrade.

I used your first snapshot, and reconstructed the addon import string, then tested reloading from the addon, and I see several items that you can upgrade: 12 items, including the ones you mentioned.

Rewards for time rifts, world boss, and dreamsurge don’t appear to be updated to their new item level ranges in the upgrade finder.

We can update those later today. I believe all of that gear can be obtained at ilvl480 base via various activities? And world bosses at 499?

Checking the vendors they sell adventurer 1/8 (467) for the rift and dreamsurge. Adventure guide shows champion 3/8 (499) for the world bosses.

OK – yeah I was going by some videos where I saw 480 gear on the Dreamsurge vendors.