Gear is missing in TBC Classic

Seems like there is missing gear. Ex. aquamarine signet of the owl

Could you provide a snapshot of your character demonstrating the problem? Instructions on how to do that below.

I see this ring in our item database, so it should show up if your character has one. Our list of items for you to pick from won’t show it though, because it is a low-level item.


It seems like something might be out of sync – could you try the steps in this post, and let me know if that resolves the issue:

“Aquamarine Signet of the Tiger” ring still does not show as present on my character.

I’ll take a look – some of these lower-level items with random suffixes can be a bit of a pain. Blizzard switched the format that they used for suffixes from classic to TBC, and sometimes they weren’t consistent about when they used the old vs. new versions. This item appears to be an item added in TBC, but where they used the old pre-TBC suffix format, so the suffix isn’t getting parsed. We can add an exception and then it should show up the next time you import. I’ll try to get an update to the site today before the holiday weekend.

Thank you. It is now showing in my gear list.