Hunter BiS and Item Weights


I am looking at the configuration and am struggling to understand a few elements:

1 the Lok delar is showing +45 attack power. So this is showing as a far superior weapon to most, when it is only 45 AP against a demon.

2nd. When placing the dal’rends main hand and off hand, the site does not seem to want to allow me to select +15 agility for the off hand.

3rd. It seems that it is treating the hit cap as 8% instead of 9%

4th. What is the weight you have placed against the crit of an item?

At present we have been using and developing the following to get a better optimisation -

Please let us know if we can assist you with this.

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I was just looking at this too. Also it wants me to put a 1h enchant on a 2h weapon.

I can look at that item where the stats didn’t parse correctly.

Yeah looks like when an item can only be equipped in the off-hand it’s loading off-hand (shield) enchants instead of the weapon enchants, I’ll fix that.

Regarding hit cap: Hit Rating and Hit Caps in Wow Classic

If you could press the “help” link next to the big Best in Bags (or Best in Slot) section header, then press Create Support Post, it will generate an ID. If you copy that ID here, I can see your specific case and look at it in more detail.

In your spreadsheet, I’m looking for how you handled pet damage. I am able to track back to a cell that says ‘Pet DPS Calc’!N11*$G$5

Where do I find the Pet DPS Calc? And the other dps calculations as well?



As far as i can tell, that spreadsheet includes several hidden tabs where all of the calculations take place - it’s just not possible to access those directly. You need to save a copy of the entire spreadsheet to your googgle account after which you can access the hidden sheets with the hamburger button on the bottom left.

Thanks – I’ll have a fix for that in the next update.

Ah, ok. Interesting that the calculations are all on hidden sheets. I see them now.


Fiendish machette is AP against Elementals only.

Is the dal’rend’s bonus being ignored?

Yes. Sorry, as the fellow above stated: save your own copy.

If there is anything that needs clarification, we are here to help that community.

Also, how much DPS is mana weighted? That nature resistance ring doesn’t give me any AP, agility or crit, just mana.

Additionally, @Swol I get that it might work out slightly better to ignore the hit for more crit, but is this basing the math on a two roll or a single roll?
Roll one - Hit/Miss
Roll Two - Hit/Crit/Block ?

I’m working under the understanding that hunter ranged hit works similar to melee, with the “one roll” system.

We factor fight length in to our calculations. Depending on the length of fight you optimize for, time or mana will be the limiting factor for your ability damage. If you are running out of mana, an item that gives mana could be optimal. Usually adding a mana consumable or two seems to help more.

I want to go back and add a setting for pet uptime like that spreadsheet has. That seems like a pretty good way to handle pets for optimization. In that spreadsheet I’m seeing some hard coded base values for the pet strength and “base dps”. I’d like to know where those numbers come from - I was having trouble finding any good info for pet auto attack damage and this is the first place I’ve seen anyone else even try to calculate it.

The length of a fight should not matter to us.
If we use a rune and a mana potion which do not share cooldowns, we are pretty much never going to go oom. Also, with a Blessing of Wisdom.

Fights are usually around the 3 minute margin at a STRETCH, a lot of them are 1-2 minutes now.

The DPS doesnt really factor in different boss.

We factor a two roll at present for the shots

Roll 1 - Hit/Miss/Block (from the front)
Roll 2 - Normal/Crit

The pet base stats are determined from the pet stat sheet before modifiers/bonuses, and pet base dps is dps added from AP subtracted from base dps.


Scope issue on ranged weapon is showing weapon enchant.


I checked my code again and I’m actually using two-roll for auto shots, since they don’t glance I assumed that was how they must work.

As far as mana - I just let the code determine if it is an issue or not. Setting a short fight length in the settings will make it not matter at all, like you said. If someone wanted to optimizer for a long fight because they have low DPS in their guild, they’d find that mana comes into play - and the optimizer will handle that.

Even on a 120 second fight, if you didn’t use a mana potion and/or have wisdom - you’d be able to easily run out of mana with a hunter, by my calculations. So, I’d say that mana is a fairly limiting factor to hunter DPS.

For the pet, I see that in the pet stat sheet, pet strength is:
I was wondering where the 136 comes from - that’s just hard-coded in there as a constant, implying a base strength of 136.

See the picture above. It shows the base strength as 136.


Warblade of the hakarri (main hand) is flagged as a downgrade, yet the fang of the faceless is classed as an upgrade. Both of these have the same stats.

According to my calculations, these as a pair would be the BiS going forwards.

The offhand as a pair with the mainhand is also an upgrade to the Dal’rends I currently have in place.

Can we add an option for considering the set bonus of items?

this includes the Jin rings, seal and band.