I got a new trinket but the page does not show it as better than what i am wearing unless i go to the tab

The page still show both of my old trinkets but when i go to the one that is worse it says the new one is .87% better but it is not putting it in as a suggested replacement. I have noticed on other accounts most of my gear seems out too. What can I do to get my gear synced back up pls
(I have tried locking one in, unlocking it and resynchronizing but it didnt work)

If anything seems out of sync, the instructions in this post resolve it for most people:

If you have different setups for different covenants, you will probably want to activate each covenant in-game once and export, that will update the cache with information about soulbinds and conduits and renown levels for each of your covenants.

If you post a snapshot we can take a closer look at your case for this trinket, instructions on how to do that here:

One thing to possibly check is the max number of on-use items setting in the setup step.

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I made a snapshot ID
Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Set your max on-use item limit to 2 or higher in the setup step and it will pick that trinket.

Give that first post that I linked a try if any of the gear is out of sync on your characters.

Thank You! I think this has worked