WoW Classic Optimizer is Live!

We finally finished it! Thank you everyone for your patience, and we hope you enjoy it!

Go to Optimize and Rank Gear - Ask Mr. Robot to get started!

The Classic optimizer includes Best in Bags, the Upgrade Finder, Worst in Bags, and Best in Slot. They are all premium features, and everyone gets a one-week free trial.

How do we Rank Gear?

We did a lot of research and created mathematical models for every spec. The optimizer runs this model on the fly as it sorts through all of your gear. This is a bit different than the simulation approach used for Battle for Azeroth. We decided to go this way for classic because the game mechanics lend themselves to such an approach much better than BfA mechanics.


Here is the main blog post describing it:
WoW Classic Gear Optimization

And here are a few extra resources:
WoW Classic Best in Bags
Classic Optimizer Tips and Tricks
Classic Upgrade Finder
Classic In-Game Addon Tutorial
WoW Classic Pricing


This is the first version, so we really want your feedback! I’m sure there are features people will want to see tweaked or added. And I’m sure there are specific items that may need improved item drop information, or a trinket proc we didn’t implement – let us know if you see anything.

And as always, if you encounter any issue at all, or just have questions, make a post! We will respond as quickly as possible.


We still subscribe? not getting the 1 week free option.
Anyways, THANKS!!! in raid right now, gonna try to afk and install it.

Nobody expect extra payment xD

How do we access the one week free trial?


If you go to the classic page, there should be two buttons, one to start a trial, one to buy the upgrade.

@melkien and @djgriever

I just tested the trial again with a few different scenarios and can get it each time. When you go to this page, do you see the free trial button? When you click it, the trial starts, no need to do anything. Optimize and Rank Gear - Ask Mr. Robot

If not, can you show me what you see? Or if you see the button and then something doesn’t work when you click on it, let me know.

Actually we talked about it in the thread we had going, and did some surveys. We also wrote up a post about why we priced it how we did – give it a read: Ask Mr. Robot Classic + WotLK process & pricing – Ask Mr. Robot

I Don’t know where to put it, but my first feedback is that you forgot that paladin can equip polearms.

For some reason when I go there I do not see the trial button. I just see the Sign Up With Classic button and get redirected to the payment area.

EDIT: Wait, thinking about it I must have understood wrong. I haven’t had a premium sub for a while , was considering getting one with Classic now. What you guys meant with the free trial is the Classic $10 trial? Meaning I still have to have a premium one?

You should get a free classic trial no matter what. As a new user, with no premium, you definitely get the free trial. I see you had premium and currently don’t. Let me look into that case.

Edit: I reset the free trial on your LIVE account too. Try again for classic and let me know if that worked as a holdover while I do some more testing on your situation.

I seem to be having the issue others have had. I had a premium sub a long while ago. I do not anymore and therefore I cant seem to see the trial for Classic. I dont play retail much anymore and I would like to see what the Classic Optimizer has in store. Would it be possible to reset my account as well to see the trial?

It looks like the trial reset doesn’t work, so I gave you premium for a week. See if the classic trial works now (you might have to log out and back in). Same with you @melkien (I gave you premium for a week). Sorry for the trouble and we’re looking into this.

I actually relogged after a while and now got the trial button for some reason! :slight_smile:

I tested this again and it looks like logging in and out should fix it for anyone who runs into the same problem. If you still can’t get the free trial, please post here so I can get you set up.

I’ll look into this – everyone should get a free trial option regardless of whether you have premium, have never had premium, or have an expired premium account. And it also should not matter if your regular free trial is expired – everyone gets a new one for classic.

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If you have an issue with the classic optimizer, please keep letting us know, but make separate posts for each individual issue – it’s easier to track and easier for other people to find

I posted an update that should resolve the issue with the classic free trial not being available if your old premium trial was already expired. That was not intended! Everyone should be able to start a trial now. You may need to log out/in if it is still not showing as an option for you.