Shadowlands Simulator Beta

The Shadowlands version of the AMR simulator is now in beta! You can find it at:

Which specs are ready?

All specs are now available for testing!

How about rotations?

We have a basic rotation in place that should at least use every ability, but they are by no means optimized. If you have ideas for rotation optimizations that you would like to see us test, please tell us! Or make your own rotations and share!

Update: we have started a first pass on the rotations. You will notice frequent changes as we do testing all the way up until Shadowlands is released later this year. We’ll try to make posts in this thread when we make changes to specific specs that you are interested in trying out.

How do I load a character?

  1. You can load a generic character to test things – the gear chosen on the generic characters is not optimal in any way – it is more or less random gear from raids and dungeons.
  2. You can import characters from the beta servers with version 87 or higher of the addon, only available via the addon download page on the beta: This version will not work with the live game, only use it with the Shadowlands beta! (It will probably work on the PTR too.)

Simulator client

To use the simulator client with the beta, you must download the beta version from the beta website:

Essences and Azerite

BfA-only things like essences, azerite, and corruption are not supported in the Shadowlands simulator. We do this with every expansion – out with the old and in with the new!

What about the optimizer?

This beta is only the simulator. The optimizer will come with the pre-patch.




First update – mages are now available!

Also note that given how rapidly the beta is changing, we won’t note every individual change that we are making for the sake of time. For example, in this update we also improved the implementation of many soulbind abilities.

Another note – we don’t have any Shadowlands trinkets working yet. We’re waiting a bit longer because we expect that they will add more before Shadowlands goes live (e.g. there are no trinkets at all on the raid loot tables right now).

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Paladins are now available for testing. As always, remember this is a rough first pass at all of the new spells, talents, conduits, and legendaries. Rotation optimization and more in-game testing of mechanics will flesh this out as we get closer to the Shadowlands launch.

Test Combination does not download the result now.

404 on


Whoops – yeah had to change a configuration setting. Should work now.


Warlocks are now available for testing.

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Any estimate on when the latest changes to the available specs might be available for sims?

Death Knights are now available for testing!

@kalinakov The simulator should be up to date for all implemented specs with the latest changes as of this update. I can double-check with Swol to see if any changes aren’t done yet.


Thanks for the update, looks like as of this morning i’m seeing the Ascendance change for Enhancement Shaman I was looking for. Thanks crew!

Keep in mind that this is a BETA!

There are tons and tons of bugs in the Shadowlands beta right now. For the most part, I have implemented things in the simulator how I believe they are intended to work after blizz fixes the bugs. I will revise that as necessary once we get close to release.

In the wiki - you will often see notes on the spells as well if there is information I don’t have yet, or things I still need to check out later.

AMR Addon Version 88 is producing the following error. Game client is Version 9.0.2 (35854) (Beta x64). Appears it’s still searching for Azerite Powers.

Message: Interface\AddOns\AskMrRobot\Export.lua:128: attempt to call field ‘ReadAzeritePowers’ (a nil value)
Time: Tue Sep 15 13:54:30 2020
Count: 1
Stack: Interface\AddOns\AskMrRobot\Export.lua:128: attempt to call field ‘ReadAzeritePowers’ (a nil value)
[string “=(tail call)”]: ?
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I’ll fix that in the next beta site update, probably later tonight or early tomorrow.

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Druids are now available! The issue with the addon should be fixed as well with version 89.

Please note that for Druids, I don’t have the Night Fae covenant ability, Convoke the Spirits, finished yet. We’ll have to write some special code to make that work in the simulator.

I also don’t have full support for shifting forms complete. We’ve never had this, but I want to support it now with Heart of the Wild making it potentially interesting to shift forms for a time in fights. The main issue is that the simulator isn’t set up to track more than one type of resource at a time - we need to extend it to be able to handle the different resource types used by the different forms.

Using Balance Affinity with Restoration Spec is working, though!

The beta site has been updated with the changes from patch

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Demon Hunters are now available!

Hi there, keeping in mind the implementation difficulties, when can we reasonably expect to see the beta simulator for hunters? Thanks.

Probably… this weekend sometime. I’m trying to get every spec implemented by the end of the month, and then work on the rotations for a few weeks leading up to the launch. I just have monks, hunters, and rogues left to finish off. Doing monks right now. I was leaving rogues for last because they seemed to be one of the classes blizzard was most behind on.


Warriors are missing too ^^ (along with the ones you mentioned: monk hunter rogue)
(at least that s what the simulator tells me when i try to sim a warrior xD)